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American Indian and Indigenous Faculty Staff Association

The American Indian & Indigenous Faculty Staff Association (AIIFSA) provides advocacy and support for the American Indian and Indigenous community at Cal Poly. Our aim is to promote and nurture an environment that attracts, welcomes, and retains American Indian and Indigenous faculty, staff, and students while also assisting in their recruitment and retention. We are dedicated to the promotion and support of American Indian and Indigenous faculty and staff, assisting the matriculation and graduation of American Indian and Indigenous students, and the celebration and sharing of our unique heritage in a university environment.

Asian Pacific Islander Faculty Staff Association

The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Faculty & Staff Association is committed to supporting Asian-Pacifics in higher education to become stronger leaders and to create networking and social opportunities. Also referred to as Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP), the API Faculty & Staff Association was founded in 2007 by a group of Cal Poly employees from various departments who attended the LEAP conference. LEAP is a national, nonprofit organization whose mission is to achieve full participation and equality for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) through leadership, empowerment, and policy. We are committed to promoting diversity at Cal Poly and maintaining productive cross-cultural relations on campus. We are a diverse association and membership is open to all Cal Poly faculty and staff as well as individuals from the community. 

Black Faculty Staff Association

The Black Faculty Staff Association (BFSA) aspires to create a campus climate that is inviting, nurturing, and hospitable. We are dedicated to establishing a proactive environment that is supportive of the recruitment, retention, and affirmative action of Black faculty, staff, and students. We promote programs that lead to the better understanding and teaching of Black students. We are a multicultural and diverse association. Decision-making and accountability are shared, creating an environment that is vital, challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable. Our Association makes a difference--it enriches the lives of our campus community.

Chicanx/Latinx Faculty Staff Association

The mission of the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Chicanx Latinx Faculty Staff Association is to give voice and recognition to the many Chicanx and Latinx university members. The organization is committed to facilitating rapport between Chicanx and Latinx university employees at all levels and across the entire campus community. Our presence on campus enriches the university because of our contributions, diversity and commitment to the intellectual life of the community.

Disability Faculty Staff Association

The mission of the Disability Faculty Staff Association is to foster a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive campus and work environment for all faculty and staff. The DFSA recognizes and celebrates disability, whether temporary or permanent, as diversity and the intersections of multi-identities. We welcome those with disabilities and our allies.

Our Values 

  • The DFSA welcomes all persons with disabilities or illnesses whether temporary or permanent, visible or invisible.
    • Disabilities may include mobility, sensory, health, learning, cognitive, pain, and/or psychological impairments and/or functional limitations.
  • By using the word “disability” the DFSA wants to encourage individuals to expand their perception of what disability is and dismantle the stigma around disability.
    • Disability is not limited to medical or legal definitions nor is it grounded in a diagnosis.
  • The DFSA aligns with a Social Model of Disability which posits that peoples are primarily disabled due to environmental, social, technological, policy and attitudinal barriers.  
    • A person’s functional status is not fixed; disability is often fluid and fluctuates across lifespan and within various contexts.  
  • The DFSA actively works to dismantle and combat ableism, how bodies are perceived and valued, and notions of normalcy.
  • The DFSA stands in solidarity with other communities that have experienced oppression and marginalization due to narrow definitions of the normal body and mind.
  • The DFSA acknowledges and values the knowledge, creativity, and contributions that come from lived experiences of peoples with disabilities.
    • Our community benefits from actively including the perspectives and voices of peoples with disabilities.

Pride Faculty Staff Association

The mission of the Cal Poly Pride Faculty Staff Association (PFSA) is to empower and enhance the voices, visibility, presence, and community of faculty, staff, and graduate students of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. The PFSA aims to create a safe and inclusive campus climate and advocate for justice, safety, wellbeing, and equity for all. The PFSA is committed to promoting education, awareness, and advocacy for/of the LGBT+ community within the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community. The PFSA recognizes the critical value of diverse perspectives, lives, and identities in enriching the university and working towards social justice.

Women's Faculty Staff Association

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